Marine Way Yacht Services Inc. – Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

About The Owner

Marine Way founder Steven Ostas , a ten year veteran of the United States Marine Corps, has made it his mission to speak to and meet with every client himself. He understands that each boat and owner is unique. Steve also understands that knowing and meeting his client’s expectations is the only way to ensure excellence.

Steve Ostas

Steve Ostas

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Our Approach to Boat Repair and Maintenance

At Marine Way, our marine mechanics try to take a more holistic approach to work on your boat and your engine. Trying to establish the most economic and effective manner in which to repair and/or upgrade your vessel requires knowledge of your intended use of the boat. How long do you intend on keeping the boat? How will the work affect the resale value of the boat? How will you use the boat in the next few years? These are questions that we may ask as we formulate an estimate and plan for the work on the boat. The more we know about your plans, the better we can bring about positive results.

Our Services Offerings

At Marine Way, we offer a full range of yacht repair and maintenance services specifically developed for owner/operators and captain-maintained vessels. It is our mission to provide top-quality services to our customers, allowing them a hassle-free boating experience at the dock or while underway.

We handle routine maintenance, interior and exterior detailing, waxing, bottom cleaning and painting, diving, fueling and pump-outs. Need a haul out? No problem, we’re the ones to come to. Diesel repair, mechanical and electrical servicing and repairs, electronics installation… It’s all just a phone call away.

Marine Way services are offered on a program basis or as a customized maintenance program. Take a look at the programs we offer, note the wide range of services covered, and find out which program is the right one for you and your yacht. We guarantee there is a program to meet your specific boat maintenance and management needs for a price much lower than what you would expect.

We can assist you in your need for dive services, design, detailing, hurricane prep and all mechanical issues that you may have!